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Ellie Turnerand Kathy Trichel, the founders of Turner, Trichel & Associates, Inc. (TT&A TRAVEL) are uniquely qualified travel professionals. After many years of working in the travel industry as travel agency manager and tour designers, they saw a need for a company dedicated to the interests of the individual traveler or group who want travel itineraries designed with the traveler in mind. To do this well, a travel consultant has to have an in depth understanding of the destinations being planned, as well as the travelers themselves…their likes, their dislikes, their travel history, their dreams.

In September 1998, Turner, Trichel & Associates…Destination Specialists for Today’s Traveler…was “born”. This unique travel service company is dedicated to customized travel planning, primarily in Europe, and has a simple objective:


         Cater to your travel needs…

Plan unique experiences…

    Provide personal service



There are many types of cruises available to the public today. All cruises are NOT for everyone. We discuss with our clients their lifestyles, desired outcomes, and past experiences to determine the right cruises for you and your companions. We have past personal experiences and current feedback from clients and the industry study to maintain our currency. We can introduce you to the world of Cruising and the latest promotions being offered by the ocean cruises. We will recommend only those cruise lines with a proven track for quality and value. Besides our invaluable guidance, we provide extra on-board gifts to our clients…all for a cruise to be fondly remembered.

What are “Destination Specialists”?


  • Destination Specialists have earned certification from each country in which they specialize.

This certification comes after taking intensive training both through individual study and in-country training from that country’s official Tourist Boards/Offices. We are proud to hold certifications from the official tourist offices of many key European countries.

Destination Specialists have first-hand knowledge of each country.

Through years of personal visits and study at their own expense, we have developed a “network” of contacts in cities, towns, hotels, and local service providers that are known for the quality of their service and value to the client. This equips us to provide greater personal services such as special English-speaking guides, tickets to shows, concerts, operas, recommended restaurants in each destination, and stays in family-run hotels known for their value and personal service.

Destination Specialists keep current.

We continue to find new, unique hotels and destinations by attending trade meetings here and overseas, as well as personally visiting and evaluating new destinations every year…at our own expense.

Destination Specialists always follow up with clients upon their return.

We want to continually evaluate the quality of our recommendations. For this reason, most of our travelers are repeat clients or have been referred to us by our clients. Many send us photos to document their wonderful trip.

Why Use a “Destination Specialist”?


·       You don’t try to be your own lawyer or doctor when money or health is at stake. Why jeopardize the money and precious time you  managed to save for a trip by trying to do it yourself or trusting an “order-taker”?

·       You want someone recognized by their peers, certified by the country you will visit, and connected to contacts that can help with that special restaurant, that quaint, family-run hotel with the fantastic view, those special places that tourists wish they found.

·       You want a trip planned that keeps you in mind, not one planned by someone that “thinks” they know what you want. You want it planned by someone who has “been there…done that”.

·       You want advice on travel times to have enough time to go from A to B, including stops for special interesting sites along the way…not the miscalculations of past trips that created more stress rather than the relaxing experience you need.

·       You want to work with someone that is not driven by which supplier provides the best commissions, but someone that puts you first…and remembers who you are when you call…or the next time you want to travel.

·       You want to depart on your way to a much needed vacation in Europe. Although you’ve never been to your destination before, you will feel as comfortable as one who has been there many times. You have been briefed on the arrival airport, how and where to find your rental car, bus or train. the best route to that quaint hotel in the middle of that medieval, walled town, the small, gourmet restaurant known for its local specialty, ….all the details have been developed and reviewed with you by your own Destination Specialist. At last no need to worry about the quality and value of your travel experience…it was done by a professional that thought of everything.

What a difference!!!!

Ellie Turner, CTC, President


Ellie was the manager of a full service agency in Alexandria, VA for over nine years, before which she spent 10 years as the lead travel counselor of another full service agency. Prior to 1980, she was an agent for a Washington DC based tour company and lead tours to Eastern Europe, Austria and Germany, which she continues to do today.


Ellie is a sought-after authority on European travel and has been featured in various trade journals and interviewed on TV and radio.                                 


Ellie is fluent in German and holds the following certifications:



Certified Travel Consultant (CTC)                     Institute of Certified Travel Agents

(Recognized as the highest level of professionalism within the industry)

Austrian Certified Travel Specialist, Master       Austrian National Tourist Office

(One of 33 travel agents in the USA holding the “Master” rating)

Germany Certified Travel Specialist                   German National Tourist Office

Switzerland Network Certified Specialist           Switzerland Tourism/SwissAir

Scandinavian Travel Specialist (STAR Agent)    Scandinavian Tourist Board

Lapland Travel Specialist                                  Finland Tourist Office/FinnAir

Italy Destination Specialist                                Italian Department of Tourism





SKAL International - Washington

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) since 1985

American-Austrian Cultural Society (Director)

Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA)

Swiss Club of Washington, DC

International Federation of Women in Travel Organization (PROST)

Cruise Line International Association (CLIA)

International Air Travel Association Network (IATAN)


Honorary Positions:


Past President, Rotary Club of Mount Vernon, Virginia

Co-Chair, Steering Committee, Neighborhood Friends of Historic Mount Vernon

Advisory Committee, Bermuda Department of Tourism

Scholarship Selection Committee, Air Travel Card






Kathy Trichel, Vice President




Kathy served for over six years as senior agent for a Springfield, Virginia tour company that specialized in European tours and special travel promotions. Her primary responsibility was planning complex tour itineraries and developing promotional materials. In addition, Kathy’s responsibilities included group management, customer relations, and development of Foreign Independent Travel (FIT) itineraries.




Kathy holds the following certifications:                                               From:


Austrian Certified Travel Specialist (ACTS)       Austrian National Tourist Office

Germany Certified Travel Specialist                   German National Tourist Office

Switzerland Network Certified Specialist           Switzerland Tourism/ SwissAir

Holland Travel Professional                               The Netherlands Bureau of Tourism

Irish Travel Specialist                                        Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland Tourist Boards

SCOTS Master                                                  Scottish National Tourist Board

Hawaii Destination Specialist                            Hawaii Visitors Bureau






American Society of Travel Agents

Cruise Line International Association (CLIA)

International Air Travel Association Network (IATAN)






“Real” Specialists


Our secret to high quality and dependable travel service comes from our years of personal experiences, careful study, our “network” of world specialists, and committing ourselves to “life-long” learning. We are proud that all our Associates have earned the title of “Austrian Certified Travel Specialist (A.C.T.S.)” from the Austrian National Tourist Office. In addition, our President is one of only 33 specialists in the US to be named “Master” level A.C.T.Specialist!!


Whether you want the tempo and culture of Austria’s six Imperial Cities, or to experience what many other visitors miss by not staying in those quaint towns nestled in the Alps with their breathtaking views and ever-present “Gemutlichkeit”…we create a “vacation to remember”!


Contact us today to learn of the “dreams” awaiting you in warm, friendly AUSTRIA. You will find the time you spend with the people, their culture, and the beauty of their country will be lasting and memorable. You will certainly want to return again and again.





Ellie travels to Germany and other countries of Europe at least once annually to find new and exciting venues for her clients. Her parents emigrated from Munich, Germany and she still has the family home there. Because of her membership in SKAL INTERNATIONAL, she also has a network of Managers, Directors, and Owners of all types of travel and hospitality industry-related businesses and tourist offices to contact for support of her clients, not available to the normal travel agent.





As with cruising, not all tours are what they appear to be. There are reasons why one tour to a certain destination is cheaper than the other. However, the casual reader will miss the slight differences in the itinerary details. “Seeing” a famous venue is NOT the same as “Visiting” that same venue. An afternoon “free to explore the ambiance of the old town…” is extra cost to you, but a walking tour of old town is “included” in the price. The reputation for quality of the tour company itself will make a big difference in your after-tour satisfaction. We have years of experience and a research network to ensure a selection of tours that will leave you inspired to take another tour with that company.

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